Castle Clash

Experience the clash of heroes in the combat strategy game called Castle Clash that lets you brawl and rumble across the Castle. The epic proportion game requires you to hire legions of heroes and become the greatest warlord. It offers fast tower defense game action that allows you to build your own army of Beasts, Dwarves, Robots, Elves and a lot more. The main aim here is to build a strong and creative empire.

IGG’s game Castle Clash encourages you to build and then update impenetrable fortress. It allows you to build your own ultimate army from wild troops. It features fast, realistic and thrilling battles. It is compatible with iPad, iPod touch and iPhone devices although it has been optimized for smartphone iPhone 5. It challenges you to pit heroes against your foes in the battlefield. You can unleash and use its powerful spells through taps and swipes. You can even play its fantasy strategy.
Castle Clash

Version 1.3.0 update

Castle Clash Game has new updates for its Version 1.3.0. This version sets out the newest hero named Immortep. Its Daily Reward is now in the calendar format. It has update on its Talent and Hero Skill portraits. It also allows you to fix several bugs that obstruct or hindered you from getting through the game performance. There are definitely many challenging, but enjoyable tricks in this game. This only shows that you will have fun with its never-ending things to do and win the battle with your epic heroes.

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